Liquor and Spirits


Three cheers for Liquor or also known as spirits, the party-inducing, celebration-enhancing, all-occasion libation! People have been enjoying distilled beverages, from Russian vodka to Kentucky’s very own bourbon, for centuries. This category of adult beverages has a wide variety of flavor, color, quality, body, mouthfeel and mixability. Whether you sip your Scotch neat or mix your gin with soda, there is always something new to try in the wide world of liquor and spirits.

The world of liquor and spirits has gotten very versatile in recent years.  Its become very experimental, not just with the process of production for different flavors and alcohol levels.  But simply by adding other beverages usually non alcoholic, such as juice or energy drinks with products such as vodka.  These types of drinks have exploded in bars and night clubs or basically everywhere liquors and spirits are consumed.  The most popular mixer that is most commonly used is Red Bull.  The energy and alcohol trend has become popular but should be mixed with caution.