Best Spring Cocktails

Spring is slowly but surely creeping its way into North Texas and it’s time to start thinking about the best spring cocktails. When we think about spring; we think about warm weather, the start of new things, and there is lots to celebrate. For lots of parents, it’s an emotional time of the year with high school graduation, prom, and kids heading off to college and to start lives on their own. Reggis Liquor is here to help you find great refreshing spring drinks to serve at parties and enjoy during these events.Best Spring Cocktails

When you think of a spring cocktail, you think of something light and refreshing. Vodka and other clear spirits are a great choice paired with citrus or lightly sweetened juices.

Check out this light and refreshing vodka cocktail!

Thyme and Lemon Vodka Lemonade

¼ cup lemon-thyme
¼ cup citrus vodka
¼ club soda
3 lemon wedges

Use the lemon around the edge of a highball glass then dip in sugar to create a sugar rim
Drop the other 2 lemons in the glass along with the syrup and vodka to muddle to release the juices
Cover and shake
Fill the glass with ice
Top off with club soda

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